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André du Pon is calling it quits. And calling a new start.

Aalsmeer, June 27, 2016 - André du Pon quits his activities of Dupon Watersports at

Boten aan de Wal and starts a new initiative: Making Waves. This nautic agency,

which will be situated at the same location in Aalsmeer, provides clients with

consulting, boat service, purchase and sales of boats 'that matter'. After more than

13 years of dealership for the English Petticrows shipyard and the related services

by Dupon Watersport, André looks back on a wonderful period of Petticrows

dealership. First with Poul-Ricard and Sophia Hoj Jensen and later with Tim and Kay

Tavinor. He would like to express his thanks to them for the pleasant cooperation

and the corresponding indispensable trust and warm relationship.

Bas Spaargaren, who for many years has looked after the repair of polyester ships,

has taken over the services of Boten aan de Wal and the premises for storage at the

Oosteinderweg in Aalsmeer.

For spare parts, owners of Petticrows Dragons can always contact Paul Neve

(paul@petticrows.com) or visit the extensive webshop of Petticrows:

www.petticrows.co.uk/catalog. For storage and repair to their beloved Dragons,

they are as usual welcome at Bas Spaargaren (bas@jachtschade.nl) and his newly

acquired Boten aan de Wal. Dragon sailors, who have been used to being comforted

by Dupon Watersport’s event-related services, will have to do without these going


With Making Waves, André du Pon extends his activities in the boating business,

although it will be at a more modest scale. In his own words: “It’s that irresistible,

exceptional, opportunity which one comes across, the many years of loyal

customers and that one exciting eye-catching boat.” With Making Waves he follows

his dream to hunt for ‘Things of Beauty’: boats that matter. Based on years of

experience, an excellent eye for aesthetics and a passion for watersports, Making

Waves selects the best boats to restore, maintain or resell. At the end of the day,

more time becomes available for his passion: sailing the Dragon and the Finn.

Making Waves is located in a separate section of the premises of Boten aan de Wal.

Address: Oosteinderweg 132, 1432 AP Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, tel: 0031 6 5338


Follow Making Waves soon on www.making-waves.nl and